Two days with DNA metabarcoding in Cluj-Napoca — Romania: Workshop overview

In 19-20 May 2015, the first workshop on Odyssee and BioDivMount projects was organized in Cluj-Napoca, under the initiative of Eric COISSAC (LECA – Grenoble), Pierre TABERLET (LECA – Grenoble), Philippe CHOLER (LECA – Grenoble), and Mihai PUȘCAȘ (UBB – Cluj-Napoca). The workshop was devoted to DNA metabarcoding, a new technique for assessing biodiversity from environmental DNA.

This training activity attracted 33 participants coming from 6 different countries (Europe and USA).

The program included an introduction to theory, concepts and principles on which DNA metabarcoding is based; an overview of data, sampling design and spatial scale issues with methodologies to tackle them; a presentation of OBITools programs and their use for data analysis; the interaction between DNA metabarcoding and community ecology. Those topics were treated both during lectures and practicals presented by Eric COISSAC, Pierre TABERLET and Lucie ZINGER (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse).

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