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    Geremia, R.A., Puşcaş, M., Zinger, L., Bonneville, J.-M., and P. Choler. In press. Contrasting microbial biogeographical patterns between anthropogenic subalpine grasslands and natural alpine grasslands. New Phytologist PDF  

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    Puşcaş, M. and P. Choler. 2012. A Biogeographic Delineation of the European Alpine System Based on a Cluster Analysis of Carex Curvula-Dominated Grasslands. Flora 207:168-178       PDF Puşcaş M., P. Taberlet, and P. Choler. 2008. No positive correlation between species and genetic diversity in European alpine grasslands dominated by Carex curvula. Diversity and Distributions 14:852-861       PDF…