Analyses of multifaceted ecological data (France, 7-10 November 2016)

In 7-10 November 2016, the second workshop of ODYSSEE was organized in Chasselay (France), under the initiative of Philippe Choler (LECA – Grenoble) and Mihai PUȘCAȘ (UBB – Cluj-Napoca). The workshop was devoted to the “Analyses of multifaceted ecological data”.

The sessions of the workshop were attended by 14 researchers from both organizing countries (France and Romania), and they were mainly centered on finding the best scientific and technical preliminary tools to analyse the data obtained in the ODYSSEE 2014-2016 field campaigns. Discussion focused on various topics covered by the project, such as:

  • Spatial assembly of multi-trophic assemblages
  • Multifaceted biodiversity modelling
  • Relationships between functional traits and environment
  • Spatial and phylogenetic MSR

Photographs taken during the workshop can be seen below.